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In the job market of today, more than ever you have to have a sense of marketing. If you are seeking marketing jobs or a marketing career, you can—and must—use the tricks of the trade you want to get into in order to get yourself a great job. You can apply these marketing secrets no matter the job. As someone seeking a marketing career, you can apply your target industry's own methods as you sift through and apply for marketing jobs.


No organization can grow or likely even survive without marketing, and this is likewise true for an individual seeking out marketing jobs. Marketing makes known a firm's features and benefits and what it's going to cost someone to get them or use them, and it does the same for products, services, and those people who want a marketing career.

First things first: marketing and selling are two entirely different things. Yes, they overlap, but marketing is larger in scope than sales, and marketing is far more about attracting others to contact you than it is about aggressively making first contact and then trying to convince someone as fast and firmly as possible of your take on things. You want to advertise the fact that you possess desirable traits for an employer; you don't want to talk your way into getting hired. There is a time and place to sell yourself - at the interview.


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You Need to Bring a Singular Focus to Everything You Do

What makes a person really good at something? The answer to this question is identical to the cause of exceedingly high success in any profession.

There are people out there who are really good at finding jobs. People who are good at finding jobs bring an incredible level of focus to their search. This is the level of focus I want you to bring to your job search as well. In order to get the position you are seeking, you need to be focused and follow one very simple rule.

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Event Marketing in Your Marketing Job

For people in marketing jobs, event marketing has come to stay. Event marketing involves promoting brand or business interests by associating with a social activity. Event marketing may or may not be sponsored, though the most visible forms of event marketing still require sponsorship. While sponsorship involves payments to an individual or organization, event marketing involves staging events to associate with activities conducted by an external entity, with or without payments. Event marketing has become popular with people in marketing jobs because it provides direct consumer interaction while achieving the brand's communication goals.

When it comes to choosing between different modes of marketing communications or developing a proper mix for integrated marketing communications, people in marketing jobs are often bewildered. Eric Einhorn, in a 2004 study published in the Journal of Advertising Research, put the problem quite succinctly when he wrote:

We follow our own marketing communications 'disciplines'—advertising, direct marketing, event marketing, on-line marketing, and public relations. And to confuse the marketer even more, these disciplines have traditionally positioned themselves in a competitive context as 'the answer' to building brands—almost as though the others do not exist—each with a different 'philosophy' or secret of success: advertising builds brands by creating desire. Relationship marketing builds brand through one-to-one relationships. Event marketing builds brands by allowing consumers to experience the brand. All of this is true, but each discipline tends to claim just a little more of the business building credit than it really deserves. (And of course they look the other way when things do not quite work out right.) ("How to Fill the Accountability Gap in Demand Creation," Journal of Advertising Research)

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Looking Field Marketing Job?

Field marketing executives work closely with marketing teams, sales teams, and brand management teams to successfully execute marketing programs. Field marketing executives are mainly responsible for executing the marketing programs designed by their marketing teams. They perform various marketing communications activities and focus on sales of their companies’ products and services.

Field marketing professionals perform market research and help to generate new business through direct marketing. Their role also includes visiting prospective clients and maintaining relationships with existing clients.

Field marketing professionals are most needed in the manufacturing industries but may also work in the service industries. In most companies field marketing executives report to the sales management team and assist them with preparing plans for getting new business for the organization.

To become a field marketing professional, one should possess a degree in marketing or another relevant concentration. One to two years of experience in marketing or promotional events is strongly preferred. Good interpersonal and communication skills are a must for a field marketing executive. Computer knowledge and negotiation skills are also desirable.

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Finding Good Executive Marketing Positions -

Looking for executive marketing jobs may be a good idea. These are some excellent paying positions that will give you a great deal of creative control in the organization. However, tracking down the right marketing director jobs can be more of a challenge than you might think. Below are some guidelines that could be useful to you as you move in this direction with your career.

Dress for the Position

ne of the biggest mistakes people make when looking for an executive level position is not dressing the part. If you are interested in becoming an executive, you have to look like an executive even when you are working in the marketing department with everyone else. There is a scene in a movie about the advertising industry in which a boss gives similar advice to one of the people holding assistant marketing jobs who wants to move up the ladder. ''Dress for the job you want not the job you have,'' he told her. And that's something important to keep in mind even as you start your career.

Remember that first impressions matter. If higher ups meet you and perceive you as executive material, they are going to work hard to make reality match their perception. And that could be excellent for your future.

Know Your Strengths

Most of us are not good at everything equally. Some of us can play tennis like a professional while others can barely connect the racket with the ball. Some of us can cook like a chef even without a cookbook while others cannot boil water. There is nothing wrong with being weak in some areas. There is wrong with not understanding that those weaknesses exist.

When you try to pretend to be good at everything in marketing, you end up not only risking showing off your weaknesses but also in failing to maximize your strengths. For example, if you know how to handle direct marketing campaigns like no one else in your firm then shoot for direct marketing jobs.

Show Don't Tell

Whether you are going for a promotion in your current company or you are branching out to positions in new firms, you are going to have to win over the team making the decision. One way you will fail is by relying too much on an oral history of your work experience and not doing enough to illustrate your strengths.

In marketing, you have an advantage because you work on campaigns. That means there is evidence of what you have accomplished in the industry and it is usually not too difficult to track down. Also, most marketing campaigns are tracked for their performance. Again, you will have some concrete data you can use to demonstrate your abilities. Not all professions are quite this lucky and have to deal with more abstract measurements and examples.

Do not go into any interview for any executive marketing jobs without having something to show the interviewer about your past success on multiple marketing campaigns. Choose the ones that were the most high profile but also look for ones in which you received great praise from the clients or the ones in which you took a chance that paid off. Pick the campaigns you are most proud of.

Then think of the interview like a presentation. You have to sell yourself just as if you would sell a new idea to a potential client. By doing this, you will give yourself a tremendous advantage over the competition. If nothing else, you will be remembered and that is a good thing in the hiring process.

Finding Available Jobs

With the economy in turmoil, finding executive marketing jobs might be a bigger challenge than you would have imagined. However, there are still a number of great ways to be noticed and to move up the corporate ladder.

First, you could stay with the company employing you now. If you have done a lot to stand out from the competition, there is a good chance you may be able to advance slowly up the ladder. There are no guarantees, of course.

Second and probably the wisest choice is to start searching for new positions now. Once you have reached a certain level in your current job you should start looking for higher positions at other firms. You might even look for the same position at a larger firm. By making these moves, you will be spreading your reputation throughout the industry and managing to climb more quickly towards the position you want.

If you are interested in the latter formula for success, you will want to use the Internet to track down these available positions. Go to a marketing-specific job search web site and enter your search criteria for a position. Even if nothing matches right now, you can usually set up notifications when jobs you might want are added to the site. That means you can always be playing the field and preparing to try for a new position.

And, of course, don't forget that new job offers don't always have to be taken. You can always use them for leverage at your current firm. The key is just to have access to the jobs and to know how to get the offers.

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How to Land a Marketing Sales Job -

When looking for a good job, going online is pretty much the way everyone goes now. The Internet has always been easy and quick — well, kind of easy and quick. Luckily, there's now an even better way to look for sales and marketing jobs online: Just check out They've done you a great service by going through all those other job-search sites and consolidating their postings in a single convenient location.

Of course, when it comes to sales marketing jobs, you can find them on all those other sites, but you have to visit around five or ten of them just to get all the jobs that may be available in your area. If you look for marketing assistant jobs on MarketingCrossing, on the other hand, you'll see that they have every single job from approximately 250,000 other job sites all listed in a single spot. This should make your job search that much easier, and hopefully quicker.

Sales and marketing jobs have never been easier to find than with MarketingCrossing. They've spent thousands of hours going through all these other job resources just to put all the retail marketing jobs in one spot for those of you who are tired of going to all of those other websites. Consider, too, that with those other sites, you all too often get a bunch of listings for jobs that have nothing to do with sales and marketing. All this does is clutter up your search and stress you out, sometimes causing you to give up on the search too early. This is never a good idea when you're looking for a job, and if you want to find one quickly you'll definitely need to spend more time on your job hunt.

Another great thing about MarketingCrossing is that they offer employers the opportunity to post up their job listings for free. Yes, you read that right. It's free for your company to post a job listing on MarketingCrossing, and that's a great way for any company to save a bunch of money. In fact, this is something you definitely want to share with your boss, just to show him or her how much money you can save the company with your smart thinking.

As for job seekers, the service offered by MarketingCrossing is so invaluable that you'll never really be able to put a price on it. They've put in months of work to go through all those other job sites and get virtually all the available marketing jobs — and only marketing jobs — for you to search through. And so, it won't take you nearly as long as it used to take to a great new gig.

There are so many things about a job search that can be so irritating that you won't even want to spend the necessary time to do the search right, but once you get on MarketingCrossing, you'll see that they have a great service. It's so easy to use, in fact, that in the time it would have taken you to go through one of those other sites, you might be completely done with your search. That way, you can move on to so many other things that you used to have to put off. Perhaps you're a writer and you've been trying to start a book. Well, now you'll have that extra time you need, thanks to MarketingCrossing.

At present, there are close to 43,000 jobs available on MarketingCrossing for all you job seekers out there. That's a lot of jobs to have all in one place, so if you want a job in the marketing career field, this is the one and only place you really need to check. This site will amaze you with what they've put together, and you'll probably be able to find your job a whole heck of a lot quicker than on those other job sites, where you have to muddle through so many irrelevant listings.

And again, for all you employers out there, MarketingCrossing offers free job listings to any company who needs to hire someone. That could potentially mean tremendous savings for your business, freeing up money that your company will be able to use on other things like new computer equipment or rent.

In short, MarketingCrossing helps both job seekers and employers with some awesome services. You'll find that this site is one of the best things around, and you'll never look anyplace else for another job.


Internet Marketing Careers -

One of the most important features of the Internet is the revolution it has brought to the sector of marketing. Internet marketing or online marketing (eMarketing) is the selling of products and services over the net. This has indeed brought an enormous change in the area of marketing, since the Internet provides lower costs of marketing, distribution to a larger global audience, interactive features and instant responses. Though it is a relatively new filed Internet marketing has grown in leaps and bounds within the short span of a few years and is now providing lucrative career options to many young professionals. So, now is probably the best time to look for a career in this ever-expanding interesting field.

The advent of Internet Marketing has opened up numerous possibilities for people looking for creative jobs. Service providers and marketing experts are always required in this constantly growing field and web-business owners are always on the lookout for both professionals and experts of the field. If you’re looking for a cutting-edge marketing career or a creative job where you can work as one of an efficient team, then Internet Marketing is definitely for you. Internet Marketing combines the creative and the technical aspects of Internet sales: the designing and development aspect of it as well as the aspect of endorsement of the brand or product. Like any other product on sale, products/brands etc on the Internet also needs efficient and sufficient promotion among its target audience in order to sell. This is where Internet Marketing professionals come in.

Effective Internet Marketing requires comprehensive strategy planning in order to get the visitors to the product website. Some of the methods include Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), advertising display, E-mail marketing or banner-ads and of course, Affiliate Marketing (an internet-marketing procedure by which the business compensates the affiliate website for each visitor it brings to the business website). The main objective of all these methods is to regulate increased traffic to a particular page in order to promote a product.

Internet Marketing Degrees help you to get a general idea of what Internet Marketing entails. It prepares individual to learn and understand the process of customer audiences via the net and use it effectively to promote and optimize Internet sales. Internet Marketing Degrees provide a general overview of business marketing and also help you to recognize effective marketing skills, teach you to build online survey tools, how to design and manage online/e-mail promotional campaigns, and to appreciate the architecture of successful web sites. There will also usually be courses in critical thinking, general management and problem solving. These programs will also provide a basic overview of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization and pay-per-click advertising. You will also be taught to understand key words to promote and popularize your product and to improve your overall sales.

The Internet Marketing sector, according to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, will be growing at faster than average rate in the next few years and of course, those joining the sector will benefit from the profits. It is estimated that many Internet Marketing pros make as much as $100k per year.

People already with a background of online marketing, web-design or even general business and marketing strategies will find Internet Marketing relatively easy. However, for relative novices, like the non-revenue earning homemaker, the student or the single parent needing an extra source of income, it is easy to learn the basics of Internet Marketing. It is better of course that they learn the basics of the trade from the elementary to the increasingly difficult in order to avoid pitfalls and minimize the risks of the trade.

1. Web Design: -
Web design is basically the designing, conceptualization and execution of the way information is arranged on a web page to be read by a web-browser via the Internet. Web designing forms an important part of Internet Marketing since it is important that the content of the website selling the product/services be carefully arranged so that it’s customer friendly, easy to understand and attractive. Though a number of common websites are available for sale, replica websites are not very popular in a field that requires constant innovation. Also, duplicate websites are not less likely to turn up in search engines like Google and consequently decrease traffic. Therefore, it is important that the site be original and creative.

2. Copywriting Skills: -
Good copywriting skills are essential for Internet Marketing. Copywriting is basically providing the contents of a particular site. The basic purpose of copywriting is to persuade the reader to act, i.e. to buy the product for example. Although, such articles cannot be just words strung together, they have to be relevant information preferably unique, to capture and hold the reader’s attention. It’s also important that the article has adequate keywords to turn up in search listings and address the issues of the target audience.

3. Eye for business Opportunity: -
An internet Marketer must also have a good head for business, It is important that he knows exactly where to invest his money, whether in online foreign exchange trading, in new software or e-book courses in internet Marketing. He must have a responsible and mature outlook and a keen eye to recognize possible business ventures.

4. Knowledge Updating: -
It is important also to update your knowledge about the field constantly as Online Marketing is an ever-expanding field. A creative person will find Online Marketing both stimulating and profitable, since every website has its unique needs in terms of strategy and planning.

5. Customer Skills: -
It is also indispensable to have good communication skills for this field. In internet marketing you will need to address all kinds of customers, be it a pro or a layman with infinite patience. It is important to know how to handle clients with tact and diplomacy.


As an Internet Marketing expert, you have to be very patient and handle your customers diligently. Keep in mind that things are not static on the Internet, so be sure to keep yourself updated, so that you can keep up with the trend. If you want, you can specialize in a particular category of Internet Marketing, however, before you take that step, make sure that you evaluate your strengths and weakness and determine what you do the best. Accordingly, work towards your Internet Marketing ventures and have a flourishing career for life.

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